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Our Programs

The Work-Ordered Day

Activities at the Clubhouse follow the work-ordered day, which reflects typical working hours. Members share in day to day operations of the Clubhouse, working side-by-side with staff to accomplish daily and weekly goals.


We have in-house meetings each day, in which members can volunteer for tasks in the Administrative and Culinary Units. Work in the Clubhouse is designed to help members gain self-worth, purpose, and confidence.

Clubhouse Tulsa Administrative Unit

Nutrition & Wellness

The Culinary Unit works in the kitchen to plan and prepare meals Monday - Friday. The Clubhouse is also open later for dinner on Tuesday evenings. Wellness activities occur at least once a week.

Thanks to generous grants from the Arvest Foundation and the Gelvin Foundation, we have recently begun work on our future garden, where we will grow vegetables that can be incorporated into our daily meals.

Clubhouse Tulsa Culinary Unit
Clubhouse Tulsa Flower Arranging

Community Resources

The Clubhouse assists members with accessing community resources, and has an emergency fund for those in financial need. We welcome partnerships with other community organizations and invite them to present information about relevant community programs to our members.

Employment & Education

We assist members who are seeking employment or educational opportunities in several ways. The Clubhouse hosts Job Hour, a weekly employment support group, as well as a weekly Computer Basics class. We assist members with searching and applying for jobs and educational programs. We also help members pay for employment-related expenses like work clothes, food handler's permits, and transportation.

The Clubhouse is available to coordinate with members' employers to make their transition into the workforce go more smoothly. To learn more about these partnerships, visit our Employer Partnerships page.

Social Activities

At the Clubhouse, we work together, eat together, and have fun together! Each month, we plan social activities both inside and outside the Clubhouse, including holiday celebrations.

Clubhouse Tulsa Social Activity
Clubhouse Tulsa Education
Clubhouse Tulsa Mental Illness Awareness Week
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