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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Clubhouse Tulsa is to be a community of support and hope for adults diagnosed with a mental illness.  We provide choices and opportunities for meaningful employment, housing, education, wellness, and social activity.

What We Do

Clubhouse Tulsa is a membership organization open to adults who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. We are accredited by Clubhouse International and follow the Clubhouse Model. This model is designed to give people a place to go where they are treated like valued members of a community and are not defined by their diagnosis. At the Clubhouse, no one is a patient. Members are people first and benefit from having a place to belong. Members are free to attend whenever they like, for however long they like, and can participate in all Clubhouse activities.


What makes Clubhouses unique is that members participate in running them. Members and staff work side-by-side each day to perform Clubhouse tasks, which includes working in the Culinary and Administrative Units, conducting community outreach, and making programming decisions. Working together gives people a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and also helps foster relationships.

The Clubhouse provides opportunities to socialize, both within the Clubhouse and out in the community. We also assist members with pursuing goals and accessing community resources related to employment, education, and wellness.

Our History

Clubhouse Tulsa began in 1994 under the name Crossroads Clubhouse. It was founded by a group of families who had been affected by mental illness. It follows the Clubhouse Model, which was first developed by Fountain House in New York City, and has been adopted in communities around the world. 


In 2021, Crossroads Clubhouse moved to a new building and adopted a new name, Clubhouse Tulsa. It is one of over 320 Clubhouses worldwide and one of two Clubhouses in the state of Oklahoma.

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