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Employer Partnerships

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We are currently seeking local employers to partner with through our Transitional Employment program.

Transitional Employment placements are 6-9 month placements in part-time jobs that allow members to gain experience and build their resumes. Clubhouse staff place and train each member, at no cost to the employer.

By providing additional support, we aim to make it easier for employers to take a chance on great employees who may have less work history due to their disabilities.


If you're interested in creating a Transitional Employment position at your organization, email our Employment Coordinator, Rikki Brown, at

How Does Transitional Employment (TE) Work?

Transitional Employment (TE) is a job skills training method developed by Clubhouse International. Here are the basics:

  1. Clubhouse staff coordinate with the employer to learn the job and understand its requirements.

  2. Clubhouse staff select a member to work in the position.

  3. The member works the job for 6-9 months. Clubhouse staff are available to train the member, mediate workplace issues, and fill in for the member if they can't make it to work.

  4. Upon completion of the placement, the Clubhouse works with the member to develop future career goals and search for permanent employment.

  5. If the employer wishes to continue the partnership, Clubhouse staff select and train a new member for the position and the process repeats.

Benefits to Employers

Job Training and Performance Checks

 The Clubhouse takes care of training the member and checks in with them regularly to make sure the job is done correctly and to address any workplace issues. 

Absence Coverage

A designated Clubhouse staff person will be available to fill in for the member if they can't make it to work, ensuring that the shift is covered.

Less Resources Spent Replacing Employees

The Clubhouse does the work of finding and placing the member in the position. Once the member completes their 6-9 month placement, the Clubhouse can select a new member to fill their spot and train them, reducing the time employers spend finding and training new employees.

Free Services

All services provided by the Clubhouse are at no cost to the employer, including time spent covering employee absences.

Benefits to Members

Building a Resume

Having work experience is often needed in order to get a job. Transitional Employment gives members the experience they will need when applying for permanent employment.

Gaining Job Skills

Members learn valuable skills during their Transitional Employment placements, and have a chance to explore types of jobs they may have never had before.

Adapting to Structure and Routine

Getting used to a set routine can be challenging for those who haven't been in the workforce for several years. Transitional Employment makes members feel supported and secure as they adapt to this shift.

Having an Advocate

The Clubhouse works with the member to address questions and issues they may have, as well as to help them build a good relationship with their employer. We also help them navigate the process of finding permanent employment once their placement has concluded.

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