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Our Members

Sheree Clubhouse Tulsa


Clubhouse Tulsa has been a great help to me since day one. Before coming to the Clubhouse, I would sit at home and let my mind wander. Now, every day I have a place to look forward to going to and being part of a community, socializing with people, and having fun. Since being at Clubhouse Tulsa I have received clothing, job assistance, and housing assistance. With clothing, Clubhouse Tulsa has helped me get clothes for a new job, and the employment and housing programs have helped me get a job and different appliances for my apartment. I enjoy coming every day to Clubhouse Tulsa to help out in the Culinary and in the Administrative units with various tasks.

Nathaniel Clubhouse Tulsa


I had many jobs in my life, but none of them lasted very long. I had a job with an all-you-can-eat restaurant, that suddenly went out of business. Not knowing what else to do, I went back to group therapy. I was in many groups, only to watch them form and disband over and over. Meanwhile, it seems everyone else was getting ahead in life and I should have been too. Finally, after 13 years of unemployment, a friend called and mentioned I should go back to work.


Immediately I thought of the Clubhouse where I had a dormant membership. After going on a Clubhouse camping trip, one of the staff suggested I try the Transitional Employment program. I was hired as a janitor, then I got a job as a deli clerk for a national grocery chain. That business was bought out, they hired me and I’ve been working for a local grocer for 13 years now. I still come to Clubhouse Tulsa for friendships, both old and new.

Sara Clubhouse Tulsa


The Clubhouse is my second home. It's a place where I work and make friends from all walks of life. Walking in the door is a great feeling because I know that I'm accepted for who I am. We don't talk much about our struggles, but the unspoken sense of support among members and staff begins on the first day.

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